Mini Training Collar for Dogs 5-15lbs

Model: Mini Training Collar
Color: Black
  • For dogs weighing: 5-20 lbs
  • Adjustable neck size: 6-26″
  • Sound, Vibration, Sound + Vibration
  • NO shocker
  • water-, mud-, snow-proof

# The remote control has a drawstring for easy handling, and is fitted with specific buttons for interacting with your dog

# It also has a transmission range of up to 1000 feet and may be used simultaneously with 2 collars. 

# Use it for training your dogs, cats, or puppies indoors or in wide open spaces.

Product manual:

Video manual:


Even small dog breeds can create huge problems at home if they lack discipline. Once they get into an uncontrollable mood, you know how they can drive you crazy in no time.

This dog training device is designed with smaller dog breeds in mind. It is suitable for canines weighing 5 to 20lbs, with a neck size of 6 to 26”. The collar may be worn comfortably by dogs, cats, or puppies with long or short fur. It’s so light they won’t even notice it’s there!


Bothered by your furry friends unruly behavior? Its never too late to train your pet to respond properly to basic commands.

This dog training collar is perfect for:

  • Correcting unwanted pet behavior
  • Discouraging destructive conducts such as digging or scratching
  • Teaching your pet to obey basic commands

The package includes an Obedience Training Course, which is written by a professional dog trainer.


Despite its compact and lightweight profile, this obedience training collar packs a punch when it comes to its battery life. It has a power-saving mode and houses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which only needs to be charged once a week for heavy use. No need to buy batteries!

For moderate use, you may charge it once a month.

The remote control and the collar charge quickly, and they may be charged simultaneously to save time.

🐕 The Smallest Training Collar For Small Dogs – This training dog collar may be adjusted from 6-26″ long for a secure, snug fit. It works best on small pet breeds, such as chihuahuas, poodles, or cats!

🐕 Train Canines Like a Pro – The remote control may be used simultaneously with 2 training collars. It has a transmission range of up to 1000 feet, making it suitable for outdoor training.

🐕 Long-Lasting, Quick-Charging Battery – This dog training collar is home to a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It charges fast and also features a power-saving mode to help prolong battery life.

🐕 Easy to Use – The lightweight remote control features separate buttons for each command. The waterproof small dog collar allows you to train your four-legged friend even during rainy or snowy weather.

🐕 No Shock, No Pain – There’s no need to harm or scare your pet during obedience training. This dog and cat collar only uses beeping sounds and gentle vibrations to train your furry buddy.

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