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Harmony between your family and your dog… and your neighbors, is important. Everyone here at Elecane is a dog owner, so we know even the calmest or spunky pets can have their moments that disrupt your life.

Unique Products

Our products stand out for their exceptional features: humane methods, safe sound, and vibration.

Specifically designed for small breeds, they ensure effective and

gentle training experiences for your furry companions.

Support and Guidance

At Elecane, we understand that every dog and their owner is unique. That’s why we offer complimentary consultations with professional dog trainers to assist you with any training concerns.

Free consultations with expert dog trainers.

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Testimonials & Success Stories

Here, you’ll find heartwarming stories of joyful tails, improved behavior, and strengthened bonds.
Dive into our testimonials and discover the real-life experiences of our satisfied customers.

I’ve tried many collars and this is a keeper
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have tried many collars in this price range. My first requirement was the size. Most regular size collars are way too heavy for an under 10 lbs dog. Searching for “small breed bark collars” here on amazon is very misleading, because many sellers will write something along the lines of “bark collar for small medium and large dogs”! You order them, and they’re huge! This one is legitimately the smallest collar I found through several years of buying and returning. The box is barely an inch in length! If you have a chihuahua or a pom, or a small dachshund - this collar is TRULY tiny, at least twice smaller than the competition. I have put it on a 5 lbs dog and it doesn’t weigh them down. It also works. It beeps and vibrates through a cycle until the dog gets the message. I do wish it came with a zap too, but alas, there is no perfect product. It works with my dogs 90% of the time, and trust me this is better than most similar collars. After trying one, I came back yesterday and bought seven more - one for every dog in the house. A life saver. Thank you, manufacturer, for making a small collar that works!
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer
Works perfectly!
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The collar fit my Yorkie perfectly. She doesn't mind wearing it She responded almost immediately. When it's on, she doesn't bark. I even use it occasionally at night when she doesn't settle in her crate. Since her neck is so tiny I had to cut off the end of the collar and it raveled.
Luke F.
Luke F.
Finally stopped the yapping!
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We have a yorkie that we crate overnight, and she has been barking, barking, barking when we put her up, when she hears a noise, and in the morning before our alarms go off. So. much. barking. Was hard to sleep, and a terrible start to the day to be woken by yapping. Plus we have a toddler and another baby due soon, who could be kept awake by the barking. We tried a sound-based bark deterrent device near her crate, but that did nothing. But the first night we put this on her, she yapped a couple times, got the sound and buzz, and then settled down. Finally, no more barking!

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Our Guarantees & Benefits

1. Guaranteed Safety and Effectiveness:
Our products ensure guaranteed safety and effectiveness, providing peace of mind for pet owners.

2. Advantages of Humane Training Methods:
We emphasize the benefits of humane training, promoting a positive and stress-free experience for both pets and owners.

3. 12-Month Warranty and Comprehensive Support:
Enjoy a 12-month warranty on our products, backed by our commitment to quality.
Benefit from our comprehensive warranty and post-warranty services, ensuring long-term satisfaction with your purchase.

4. Personalized Recommendations and Assistance:
If the collar doesn’t suit your dog’s needs, our team is here to help.
Contact us for personalized recommendations and expert assistance tailored to your pet’s training requirements.

5. Your Satisfaction is Our Commitment:
We prioritize your satisfaction above all else, striving to provide exceptional products and support to enhance your relationship with your furry companion.

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