Created, to gently unlearn your dog of barking

smart Bark Collar for Small Dogs

SMART Bark Collar for Small Dogs

Model: ТС-985
Color: black+color screen

For dogs weighing: 8-50 lbs
Adjustable neck: adjustable size 7-24’’
Training mode: 3 modes (sound, vibration, sound + vibration)
Sensitivity levels: 7 levels
Charging method: Rechargeable
Warranty Period: 1 year

# Collar doesn’t harm or scare your dog

# Collar reacts on dog’s vocal cords activity, not on barking noise

# We have collars both for calm & for very loud dogs. Each collar model can be adjusted in a flexible manner, so it fits your dog like a second skin

Product manual:


Elecane collars react on dog’s throat vibration, not on barking noise. That rules out false alarms, for example, when another dog is barking nearby


Collar affects with sound/vibration. It’s humane, doesn’t harm or scare your dog


Elecane has collars both for calm and for very loud, playful dogs


On average, Elecane collar will unlearn your dog of barking in 1-9 days (depends on your dog’s character)

Product description

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and noisy neighbors with our no-shock bark collar, specially designed for small dogs with neck sizes
ranging from 7 to 24 inches. Weighing just 1.6 oz, this feather-light accessory ensures maximum comfort for your furry friend.

100% Humane and Safe Training Method: Our innovative stop-barking collar uses gentle vibrations and sound to correct
unwanted barking, promoting positive behavior without any harm to your pet. This shock-free, prongless design is perfect for small
and medium-sized dogs, starting from 8 lbs.

Advanced False Alarm Prevention: Equipped with a 2023 chip, our rechargeable bark collar filters out background noise,
offering advanced false alarm prevention. Choose from 3 training modes and seven sensitivity levels to tailor the correction to your
dog’s unique needs. View Dogs in Collars

Water-Resistant for Outdoor Adventures: Don’t let the weather dictate your plans! Our IP67 waterproof smart dog barking collar allows your dog to enjoy outdoor activities like rain, beach trips, and swimming.

Promoting Responsible Training: Our anti-barking collar for small dogs is designed to care for your dog’s well-being. No
prongs to harm or pull fur, no excessive pressure on the neck – just gentle and safe correction for ultimate comfort.

Fast-Charging and Reliable: The Elecane SMART collar ensures reliable performance with fast-charging capability. Stay
worry-free as you train your dog responsibly. Invest in Elecane’s Next-Gen Bark Collar, the perfect blend of advanced technology, humane training methods, and ultimate comfort for your small furry companion!

If you have any doubts or questions, then write to us! We have the friendliest support

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