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Harmony between your family and your dog… and your neighbors, is important. Everyone here at Elecane is a dog owner, so we know even the calmest or spunky pets can have their moments that disrupt your life.

Our collars are technically superior, unobtrusive, and consider the comfort of your furry friend first. Always safe, never painful, Elecane collars help ween your dog from disruptive barking.

We’ve successfully helped a wide variety of breeds and their owners. Our team has paid special attention to small dogs who require both a special and careful approach.

Founded by dog breeders, Elecane will support you and your dog through their bark training! Our 24/7 care means we’ll help you use the collar, and with any questions about raising happy & healthy dogs!

We are proud to have helped over 100,000 happy families and pups, and are ready to support you!

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