Mini Training Collar for Small Dogs

Model: Mini Training Collar
Color: Black

For dogs weighing: 5-80 lbs
Adjustable neck: adjustable size 6-26’’
Training mode: 3 modes (sound, vibration, sound + vibration)
Sensitivity levels: 7 levels
Charging method: Rechargeable
Warranty Period: 1 year

# Suitable for training puppies

# The remote control may train two pets wearing the training collars at once.

# The training collar is specifically designed for smaller dog breeds and other tiny

Product manual:

Three Training Modes

The collar offers three correction modes – sound, vibration, and simultaneous sound and vibration. The adjustable vibration strength ensures maximum effectiveness, allowing you to tailor the training to your dog's needs.

Safety First

The collar prioritizes safety, employing a gentle vibration and sound combination. This ensures a safe training experience for your furry friend without any harm.

User-Friendly Design

Designed for convenience and precision, the collar features dedicated buttons for each action. No more fumbling to find the correct mode – it's always at your fingertips.

Versatile Effectiveness

The collar is suitable for training and disciplining dogs weighing between 5 and 80 lbs. Its effectiveness is supported by over 20,000 real cases, demonstrating its reliability and performance.

Product description

Tailored for Small Breeds: Address the unique challenges of disciplining smaller breeds with our specialized training device. Suitable for canines weighing 5 to 20 lbs and a neck size of 6 to 26 inches, this collar guarantees a comfortable and discreet fit for dogs, cats, or puppies.

Tailored for Small Breeds: Specifically designed for the tiniest members of your furry family, this adjustable training collar accommodates breeds like chihuahuas, poodles, and even cats! With a length ranging from 6 to 26 inches, it ensures a snug and secure fit.

Pro-Level Training: Take your training sessions to the next level with the lightweight remote that effortlessly controls two collars simultaneously. Boasting a remarkable transmission range of up to 1000 feet, it’s an ideal outdoor training companion, enabling expert training for small dogs.

User-Friendly Design: The intuitive remote design simplifies the training process, featuring separate buttons for each command.

Weather-resistant and waterproof, the small dog collar ensures effective training even in rainy or snowy conditions.

Gentle Training, No Pain: Foster positive training experiences with our no-shock, no-pain collar. Utilizing gentle vibrations and beeping sounds, it corrects behavior without causing harm or fear to your cherished pet.

Happy, Well-Behaved Pet: Transform your pet’s behavior and cultivate a harmonious living environment. Ideal for correcting unwanted behavior, discouraging destructive habits, and teaching basic commands, this collar comes with a bonus obedience training course written by a professional dog trainer.

Impressive Battery Life: Despite its compact size, our training collar boasts impressive battery life. With a power-saving mode and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it only requires weekly charging for heavy use. The quick-charging feature of the remote control and collar ensures simultaneous charging, saving you time.

Train Two Pups at Once: Elevate your training game by connecting two collars to a single remote. Simultaneously, train your furry companions.

Equip yourself with the best tool for effective and humane training – Our Small Dog Training Collar!

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